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Mission Statement

Texan seeks change for his native Haiti

CEO seeks new job: the president of Haiti

Siméus bringing hope to Haitian boy

Siméus receives Philanthropic Award from the University of Chicago, GSB

TSF Newsletters

"Thank you, Mr. Siméus for your life. You came into this world through poverty, slipped through by God's grace, and circled around the world only to come back to pierce the bubble of poverty that still encapsulates your people. You didn't just pierce through as you re-entered Haiti. You have ripped open a doorway and taken our world into it with you as you share your vision with us. May the opening that you created be a blessed passage of continually flowing love and care for the good of Haiti."

Dr. Steven Wexler, O.D., who joined the Siméus Foundation on an eye care mission in 2003.


The mission of The Siméus Foundation is to improve the standard of living for the
 poor of Haiti by providing medical care, clean water, education, nutritional services,
 and clothing. Our underlying principles of operation are to engage the community in
 all of our initiatives so that the projects are self-sustaining, give pride and jobs to the
 community and develop local leaders for current and future generations.