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Dumarsais (Dumas) M. Siméus


Dumas M. Siméus
Chairman and Founder


Texan seeks change for his native Haiti

CEO seeks new job: the president of Haiti

Siméus bringing hope to Haitian boy

Siméus receives Philanthropic Award from the University of Chicago, GSB
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Executive Profile

A global executive with expertise in general management, corporate finance, and inspirational leadership, Mr. Siméus is the Chairman and founder of Siméus Foods International, Inc., a business he formed by successfully completing two leveraged buyouts in 1996 and 1998.  Siméus Foods is now a major food processing operation with facilities in Texas and North Carolina, and customers throughout the United States.

After the acquisition, Mr. Siméus transformed the business from an in-house supplier with two customers, to a strategic, competitive business with a diversified pool of customers including: Quizno’s, Burger King, Denny’s, Hardee’s, TGI Friday’s, Wal-Mart, Olive Garden, Red Lobster and ARAMARK. Siméus Foods is the largest black-owned food processing company in the United States and the largest black-owned business in Texas.

Fluent in four languages, Siméus managed operations throughout the world.  He has lived in Paris, France; Caracas, Venezuela; Barcelona, Spain; and Brussels, Belgium while serving as president of large U.S. foreign subsidiaries.

Prior to founding Siméus Foods, Siméus climbed the corporate ladder, holding leadership positions in Executive Management, Finance, Marketing and Operations for a variety of companies including Atari, Inc., Rockwell International, Bendix Corporation, and KB Homes. He ended his corporate career as President of TLC Beatrice Foods, a $2 billion multinational corporation with operations in 25 countries. 

As President of Beatrice Foods, he was responsible for market-leading brands owned by the company, such as: Tropicana (Worldwide), Savoy (Venezuela), Artic (Belgium), Campofrio (Spain), Franprix Supermarkets (France), Sanson Ice Cream (Italy), Holanda Dairy Products (Mexico), Wilson Specialty Meats (Brazil), Colonial Cookies (Canada), Cremo (Jamaica) and Red Tulip Chocolates (Australia).

Siméus earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from Howard University and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. He held a number of financial positions prior to becoming President of TLC Beatrice Foods including: Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Director of International Financial Operations, and the member of various audit committees.  He has extensive experience in balance sheet restructure, due diligence matters, merger and acquisition analysis, and has worked with various bankers and venture capitalists.

Siméus has received many honors, including Entrepreneur of the Year from Ernst & Young LLP, and the 2003 Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. A number of organizations have honored him for his business success and charitable work including:  the National Coalition for Human Rights; the National Organization for the Advancement of Haitians; the Haitian-Canadian Association; and the Texas Minority Council. He was also a finalist for the Horatio Alger Award.

A dynamic motivational speaker, Siméus has been interviewed on CNNfn, Dallas Metro (ABC), and was featured in a special insert of Fortune Magazine, the New York Times, and various food industry publications.   Additionally, he was a keynote speaker at the National Restaurant Association, the 7-11 Corporation celebration of the Martin Luther King Holiday, and the Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Business Development Conference. 

Siméus has shared his journey and philosophy for success with the University of Chicago Alumni Association, several Chambers of Commerce, the University of Nebraska Medical School, and the Haitian Medical Association.  He has been a frequent guest on various Haitian radio and television stations.

Active in the community-at-large, Siméus currently serves on Governor Jeb Bush’s advisory committee for Haiti’s economic development. He has also served as an advisor to the U.S. Ambassador to Haiti. Siméus is active as a board member in several organizations that help his homeland, Haiti, including PromoCapital, the first investment banking firm in Haiti, and RepresentAction, a newly formed organization designed to bring economic and social change to this struggling country. TGIF has asked Siméus to serve on its board of directors.

Born in extreme poverty to parents who did not have the opportunity to receive an education, Siméus believes that success is a moving target and that the most important ingredient to the equation of success is giving back. As such, he established The Siméus Foundation (TSF) in 1999 to help the less fortunate in the U.S. and Haiti. TSF operates a fulltime medical clinic in the Haitian village where Siméus was born, treating up to 800 patients a month for the U.S. cost equivalent of 35 cents per patient. 

TSF is partnering with Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas to bring a disabled teenager from Haiti for critical orthopedic surgery that may allow him to walk for the first time.  Siméus is also initiating a project to bring clean water to 30,000 people in Haiti.

A tenacious and compassionate visionary, Siméus believes in the relentless pursuit of excellence as evidenced by Siméus Foods’ mission statement: “Excellent Performance in Everything We Do!”